Unyque Dreamz


     In the wake of today’s talented aspiring R&B/Neo-Soul Independent Artists, Unyque Dreamz is destined to rise from the ranks of many hopefuls and shine amongst the brightest of stars.  With her soulful vocals and uncanny song writing skills, Unyque Dreamz is steadily working on becoming a dynamic unique performing artist and an industrial entertainer you want soon forget.

     If you don't find Unyque in front of the camera, don't worry because she's not far away from the scene.  In fact, as a Film and Video Production Technological graduate, you'll often find her behind the scenes either directing, operating the camera & lighting equipment, sound equipment, editing footage, writing scripts, and/or  producing films and videos.

     As a hopeful, like many of her peers in the entertainment field, Unyque wants to make an unforgettable impression and impact by becoming a valuable asset to the industry by bringing fresh ideas and innovative creativity to the table that will pave the way for other aspiring entertainers as well as for herself.